About Us

We are manufacturer, supplier & importer of world class Tech goods.

Scope of supply & Installation of  >>>>>>>>>

1)Solar & Wind Turbine Power Solution.

2)Electrical Substation - Transformer,PFI,HT/LBS Switch-gear,LT panel,DB panel,etc.

3)Industrial Automation,PLC,Process Control.

4)Chemical Ionization,Rectification,Electroplating,Water Treatment,HVAC solution,etc.

5)AVR,IVS,VFD,Stabilizer,Online UPS,Solar Inverter,Battery,Industrial Battery charger.

6)Safety & Security related goods like Finger print access control,CCTV,Motion detector,GSM-GPS based security system,Archway Gate,Moving message display,etc.

7)Micro controller Chip based circuits & Digital Electronics goods.

8)Sensors & Modules.

Our expert team working in abroad & country wide various sector like, Industrial automation,Power Generation,High Tension & Low tension Electrical sub-station,renewable energy sector,etc.

Our engineers are certified from aboard in  EEE & Microsoft,CISCO,Quantum,etc. 

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