Nano Power Pure sine wave IPS-UPS (Online/Offline)

1. Worlds most advanced PWM DSP Pure Sine Wave Technology with 2 Line LCD- Display. ACTUALLY DSP IS THE WORLD”S MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY OF PURE SINE WAVE UPS / IPS. It is safest combination of UPS/IPS/ Inverter. The power it supplies is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains. . Square Wave units could be harmful to some electronic equipment, especially equipment with transformers or motors. The square wave output has a high harmonic content which can lead such equipment components to overheat! & reduce life of equipments. DSP Pure Sine Wave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans safe to all kind of loads.

2. LCD- Display wills show- Actual Load in watt. Charging ampere, Input/Output Voltage, Battery Voltage, over load / Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Over Temperature etc. Charger on /off, IPS/UPS Mode.

3. Built in UPS/IPS System. Same as on line UPS. Computer does not reboot & Extended Power Back-up Time.

4. Energy Saving Technology, Save 40% Electricity Bill/ Cost. : Nano Power UPS has been designed with a very low load power consumption, which saves many units per year helping to reduce electricity bill.

5. Longer Battery life, Due to fuzzy logic SMPS Pulse Charging. The SMPS Technology based Battery charging system ensures faster charging and safe charging. Because of the low ripple currents longer battery life is projected.

6. 20 KHz operating frequency while inverter and charging, absolutely no sound. Appliances don’t make any irritating, humming sound as they do on normal UPS in the Market.

7. Output Voltage 220@50hz from no load to full load.

8. Auto temperature control cooling fan for both control board& Transformer. For Long time Back-up.

9. It is appropriate for the motor, fan, pump and inductive loads.

10. Output Voltage 220@50hz from no load to full load.

11. Selection of tubular / conventional batteries.

Pure Sine wave IPS-UPS